Soul Name:       Mesikiah Ray-EL    ("One Who Initiates Change")

Origin:               Angelic Realm of Alcyone, The Great Central Sun, in The Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus.

Starship:           PALADIN   (pronounced:  Pahl-Ahd-EEN)

Earth Name:     William Roy Spuhler

                          William  = Helm of the Protector/Defender  (English)

                          Roy       = King  (French)

                          Spuhler = Bobbin-winder  (German)


Incarnated:        16 June 1951  Gregorian Calendar

                           Kin 114            Mayan Tzolk'in

Galactic Signature:        White Planetary Wizard

Galactic Statement:       I Perfect In Order To Enchant, Producing Receptivity.

                                        I Seal The Output of Timelessness With The Planetary Tone Of Manifestation.

                                        I Am Guided By The Power Of Spirit.

                                        I Am A Galactic Activation Portal...Enter Me.




Last updated:   12/25/01